A Turn-key Tanning Business

The third thing that makes us different is, well we sell a complete cosmeceutical turn-key spray on tanning business. We don’t just give you a system and a couple of bottles and say go for it! we give you the entire system. Our system contents are listed right now, but you get your actual tanning machine, fully warranty, you get your poly flex hose, your Missgun applicator spray gun with multiple canisters. If comes, if you buy in a mobile system, it comes in a great bag that’s custom made to fit your entire system. It comes with enough solution to do eighty five to a hundred tans. It’s going to take five to seven minutes to do a full body tan. We also have a tan technician that we put on your account to help you get started, someone you can call that’s in our office, that’s very experiences, that has done fifty to sixty tans a month. You’re not going to have a question that they can’t answer, so that support is so powerful.

Amy Cannon
The business side of it is great. Everybody loves to be tan, everybody loves to be tan year round, and people still do want to be safe tanning. I usually go to people’s houses, I do tanning parties, I charge seventy five dollars for a single tan to go to somebody’s house within a decent range, or people can come over to my house and I can tan them over there. I’ve also tanned in salons as well. It works out great, it’s a great business to start, and I love being tan myself so, basically I tan for free.

Bobbi Vitality
This is our Bronze Biologic Business System. We’re very excited and proud to empower you with what we believe to be the best spray on tanning system, training, and marketing in the world. It comes very, very simply with your training D.V.D., which shows you everything you need to know. How to set up the equipment, how to break down the equipment, how to maintenance once a month as long as you have warm water, very very simple don’t need any tools. Also our Data disc, I’m very excited about.

Many many files that have our logos, our advertising, our banners, our brochures, everything you need for business. Our before and after tanning instructions, our insurance liability forms, everything you could need for your tanning business is located on here. It also has resources and troubleshooting videos if you have any issues, but also it has a fast start, spray on tanning business that we’re very very excited about.

We teach you how to step-by-step put a business plan together in a marketing system so you can have a productive, profitable tanning business. Let me just tell you, a tanning business that dose as little as ten or twelve tans a week is literally has the ability to pay between eighteen and twenty thousand dollars a year, so it’s a very exciting, it’s a great business, it’s a full time business, it’s a part time business. And again, the Bronze Biologic Advantage is number one, our solution, we have the solution. Number two, our precision needle technology, and number three, our complete business system with support. It’s a total turn-key business. So, glow with health.